"I want us to contribute to a better world by changing the way we manufacture and recycle furniture."

Johanna Vesterberg
Founder and CEO.

She dreamt of creating something that would positively impact the world. After trekking the globe, Johanna returned home to the North of Sweden, to help reshape the furniture manufacturing industry.
A Sustainable Future

Driven by creating a more sustainable future Johanna applied her background in design and carpentry at every job.

She began unlocking creativity by working with locally sourced and technical materials such as the Scandinavian Bio Oil featured in Normada 3D printed furniture

Today, she powers Normada's re-inventive and meaningful notion to build the future of Scandinavian Design one 3D-printed piece at a time.

Built to share. Made to reuse.

Normada is leading a movement towards sustainable furniture manufacturing.

By offering Open-Source designs and the ability to print pieces locally - Normada is both accessible globally and contributing to a circular economy.

Normada founder Johanna Vesterberg contemplates how a finished design will look compared to prototype blueprints
Handcrafted or printed. Renewable and Scandinavian.

Inspired by nature’s raw and captivating environment, each piece is a reminder of our future. Both Original and 3D collections are intentionally made to up-cycle or recycle supporting zero-waste without compromising on design or durability.